Monday 17 December 2012

'Grasmere 2012'

Back in August, I blogged about my time at the Wordsworth Summer Conference 2012, saying how much I'd enjoyed all of the papers and lectures during my ten-day stay in Grasmere. Twelve of these papers and lectures, as chosen by the conference delegates, are now available in Grasmere 2012: Selected Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference, edited by Richard Gravil. I feel really honoured to have my paper, 'The Last Man and Romantic Archaeology', included in the collection, and am very grateful to all of the conference participants who voted for it as one of their favourites.

There are some fantastic papers and lectures included in the book, and I'm looking forward to settling down for an afternoon over the Christmas holidays and reading them again. As always, the work of some really prestigious academics is included alongside papers by postgraduate and early career scholars and, as you will see from the contents below, the topics covered are fascinating.

The book is available in a range of formats: as a paperback, a PDF eBook, and a Kindle eBook. If you're after an eBook version, I'd recommend the PDF over the Kindle version; not only does it feature the thirteen illustrations in full colour, but it also has proper page numbers (and is therefore citeable) and produces substantially more revenue for the Wordsworth Conference Foundation, which in turn pays for postgraduate bursaries for future conferences.

The paperback is £12.95, and is available here
The PDF eBook is £7.95, and is available here
The Kindle eBook is £6.43, and is available here

Full contents:
Heather Glen, '"We are Seven" in the 1790s'
Judyta Frodyma, 'Lowth, Landscape, and the Biblical Echoes in Wordsworth's "Home at Grasmere"'
Pamela Woof, 'Dorothy Wordsworth, Writer: The Middle Years'
Suzanne Stewart, 'A Finely-Tuned Instrument: Dorothy Wordsworth and the Synaesthetic Experience'
Judith W. Page, '"The Lonely Hills": Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, and the Lakeland Landscape'
Heidi Thomson, 'The Lyric Power of Connection in Wordsworth's "Poem upon the Wye" and Auden's "In Praise of Limestone"'
Anthony John Harding, 'Contempt for the Reading Public? Coleridge, Wordsworth, and the Book Business'
Peter Swaab, 'The Poet and the Poetical Artist: Sara Coleridge as a Critic of Wordsworth'
Paul Whickman, 'From "Laon and Cythna" to "The Revolt of Islam": Shelley's Revisions in Context'
Catherine Redford, 'The Last Man and Romantic Archaeology'
Stacey McDowell, 'Keats's "Ode on Indolence"'
Jason Goldsmith, 'Re-Drawing the Borders of Vision; Or, The Art of Picturesque Travel'

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